We hear that the huge banyan tree in the courtyard of Lahore High Court has become a symbol of Black Coat protest. In '77, during the PNA Movement, it witnessed fiery speeches by black coat activists, right under its shade. In '86, it heard more word power as black coats joined the Go Zia movement. In march 2007, the tree had become bigger and so had the black coat muscle. It witnessed the beginning of the movement to Save Judiciary. It is under this tree that stalls were set up to recruit lawyers for the government. It is also here that the buyers found no takers. The tree saw the gathering storm and finally the victory in March 2009. This solitary tree they say has many stories to tell. If only it could talk * * * * * * * * * We hear that some enterprising people have set up a Lahore-based "Love Bilawal Association". Its office bearers have invested good money in printing colourful posters, celebrating the young chairperson of PPP and these posters are displayed outside prime locations such as the Governor House. In their spare time, these entrepreneurs are also knocking on doors looking for economic activity that could set them up for life.