LAHORE/ISLAMABAD - As efforts are afoot by the ruling party to form a national government for getting maximum support for the upcoming national budget, the PML-Q has confirmed its contacts with the PPP to chalk out modalities of a power-sharing formula subject to conditional implementation of its five-point reforms agenda besides taking on-board other parties especially the MQM and the JUI-F. The results of the final round of back channel parleys between the PML-Q and the PPP to reach a power-sharing formula are expected in the next few days, said Riaz Hussain Pirzada, central leader and PML-Q MNA while talking to TheNation on Tuesday. It is pertinent to add that Riaz Pirzada was part of the PML-Q delegation that called on President Zardari on the invitation of PPP for bringing them in the federal government. Pirzada told this scribe that PML-Qs top leadership had held a meeting in Islamabad few days back to hammer out a final strategy with all options of employing efforts to forge a greater political alliance with likeminded political parties. While, the second option was to consider the PPPs offer of joining the federal government and other political adjustments on the larger political canvass, he said. Pirzada further said it was unanimous view that PML-Qs high command should take immediate measures to devise a strategy for ascertaining the mood of all party leaders whether or not they wanted to join the federal government. When asked that hardliners in the PML-Q may oppose joining of the federal government, he said Faisal Saleh Hayat and some other members, who earlier opposed the idea, were also on-board for giving a free hand to the leadership to decide what suits interests of the party. However, they opined the partys leadership should devise a long-term strategy if it desired to join the government, he further revealed. To another query whether the PPPs efforts for bringing the PML-Q into the government were aimed at gathering more support for the upcoming budget, he said it could definitely be one of the considerations of the PPPs offer to the PML-Q. When contacted, Senator Kamil Ali Agha, central spokesman of the PML-Q, said their support to the PPP would be conditional subject to the implementation of Chaudhry Shujaats five-point reforms agenda. Kamil said: The PML-Q will give a positive answer to the PPP regarding the latters offer for joining the national government-like set-up if the ruling party, keeping in view the five-point reforms agenda of Ch Shujaat, will devise a national policy with consensus of other major political forces. The five point reforms agenda of the PML-Q includes overcoming the energy crisis, restoring the economy, eliminating extremism, price-hike and unemployment. STAFF REPORTER FROM ISLAMABAD ADDS: PML-Q sources revealing their partys share in the federal government claimed that partys Punjab President Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi would be made senior minister or deputy prime minister. The PML-Q will also be given six federal ministries, besides its virtual control over the departments concerning the economic sector, the sources added. The PPP will support the PML-Q in the next Senate polls, while both the political forces will also make seat adjustments in the next general elections, they concluded. The PPPs strategy is to remove the fences the ruling party may face in passing the upcoming budget. By the support of its past coalition partner MQM - it will not face any difficulty in achieving this task. Political pundits hold the view that the MQM was also in a fix to decide rejoining the federal cabinet, while it has almost decided not to lose its powerful position in Sindh Assembly. The MQM is facing much pressure due to ongoing target killings in Karachi as in such a situation it is deliberately avoiding to be part of the federal cabinet, they added. When contacted, MQM senior leader Waseem Akhtar said they were not going to rejoin the federal cabinet as they had asked the PPP to fulfil the partys economy-related demands, which were in the interest of the common people. Let the issue of flood surcharge, POL price and other economy-related matter be solved then we would think for rejoining federal cabinet, he said, adding when target killing was on its peak how could they think to get any ministry? It may be mentioned here that earlier the MQM did not budge an inch from its main demand of unseating Zulfiqar Mirza as Sindh home minister and now after achieving one of the major demands it might re-think about its stance. The sources said the PPP was thinking to give the ministries of overseas Pakistanis and ports and shipping to the MQM but it had not shown its willingness yet. It may be mentioned here that currently the prime minister has the charge of four ministries including the information technology and telecommunications, petroleum and natural resources, overseas Pakistanis, and ports and shipping. Political sources assumed that President Zardari in the last meeting with the MQM had managed to get new life for the PPP-MQM alliance by giving yet another assurance to the MQM leadership for fulfilling their demands.