LAHORE-Australia’s Acting High Commissioner Brek Batley and Kashf Foundation founder Roshaneh Zafar today hosted a panel discussion on the successful completion of ‘Aakhri Station’ miniseries at a local hotel.

The seven-episode series that went on-air from 13th February aimed to generate discussion and address important social issues, including domestic violence and economic hardships faced by women.

Batley highlighted that empowering women and girls and eliminating violence against women is a top priority of the Australian government’s foreign policy white paper that sets out the values, priorities, and interests of Australia’s international engagement over the next decade and beyond.

On the occasion Batley said, “Violence against women remains one of the key barriers to women’s empowerment and impacts negatively on economic growth. We have a comprehensive multi-year ending violence against women program that provides support to survivors of gender-based violence in Pakistan. We’re strong advocates for the rights of women and their role in the political process.”

“What I tried to achieve with this series was an honest, socially relevant, hard hitting story that provokes thought and brings these issues forward in the public discourse. I believe we were successful in accomplishing our goal through Aakhri Station,” said the director Sarmad Khoosat during the panel discussion.

“Writing Aakhri Station was a profoundly moving and emotional experience for me. These are not just seven stories but seven harsh realities that the society itself must face,” stated Amina Mufti, the writer of Aakhri Station.