­OKARA-Police claimed on Thursday to have arrested eight suspects during a crackdown on moonshiners on Thursday.

According to Okara police, Mohsin, resident of 29/GD village was nabbed with 30 litres of liquor, Ashraf with 20 litres, Sarfraz Khan with 14 litres, Babar Ali with 10 litres, Meraj Khalid with 14 litres, Tariq Hussain with 15 litres, Abbas with 25 litres, and Bashir Ahmad was arrested with 51 litres of liquor. Police registered cases against them and put them behind bars.


A farmer died after a bullet came from an unknown direction pierced his body. The deceased was identified as Bashir Ahmad, resident of 54/4L village, Sahiwal. He along with his family came to 17/4L village, to harvest wheat crop on daily wages. The other day, he was cutting wheat crop when a bulled, came from an unknown direction, pierced his body. Resultantly, he died on the spot. Police shifted his body for autopsy and started investigation.

7 drug pushers imprisoned,

A local court fined and jailed seven drug-pushers on Thursday. Additional District and Sessions Judge (ADSJ) Mumtaz Ahmad jailed Usman for one-and-a-half-year and fined him a total Rs20,000. The ADSJ imprisoned Shafiq for nine months and imposed a fine of Rs10,000 upon him. The judge sentenced Khizar Hayat to one year in prison and fined him Rs10,000. He awarded one-year-and-seven-month imprisonment to Shehbaz and fined him Rs10,000.

Similarly, Zubair was confined to jail for nine months and imposed a fine of Rs10,000. Adnan Hassan was imprisoned for one year and fined a total Rs10,000. Mushtaq Ahmad was sentenced to one year in prison and was imposed a fine of Rs10,000.