ISLAMABAD - Opposition Leader in the National Assembly Syed Khurshid Shah on Thursday warned that the general election could be delayed.

Speaking to journalists, he said that Section 22 of the Election Act could become a hurdle in holding the next polls on time.

Under Section 22, “the ECP may, at any time but at least four months before notification of the election programme of its own motion and for reasons to be recorded, make such amendments, alterations or modifications in the final list of constituencies published or in the areas included in a constituency, as it deems necessary. It shall publish alterations or modifications with their justifications and invite and hear representations before taking final decision”.

Identifying flaws in the Election Act, Shah said that it would be impossible to hold general election, expected in July, on time under Section 22.

He said the delay in the notification of delimitations was the root cause of the issue.

He urged the ECP to look for a solution of the issue and expressed fear of legal problems after elections. “All the parties want elections to be held on time. The ECP needs to pay heed to our demands,” he said.