PESHAWAR - The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa apex committee has expressed satisfaction over the gradual improvement in the law and order situation.

The top body meeting held at Governor’s House Peshawar on Thursday was attended by the KP Governor Iqbal Zafar Jhagra, Chief Minister Parvez Khattak, Corps Commander Peshawar and heads of law enforcement and others.

The law and order situation and the pace of progress on developmental projects in the province and in FATA were reviewed during the meeting. 

The apex committee expressed complete satisfaction over the improved law and order situation.  The meeting also appreciated the successful initiatives for border fencing and management as a follow-up action of various successful operations being carried out against terrorists. The apex committee expressed the determination to overcome all hurdles while implementing the measures in this respect.

The meeting also decided to complete the transition process in all the respective areas which was underway as a result of the successful restoration of peace both in FATA and KP and also reviewed various aspects of the ongoing steps in this connection.  It was also agreed upon that ensuring resolution of the certain core problems, being faced in FATA, was the subject to establishment of the local government system on an immediate basis. 

The apex committee also welcomed the tax waivers allowed on eatable items in across FATA as well as on provision of the construction materials required for rehabilitation of dislocated people in the area.

The participants appreciated the efforts and sacrifices which the people and elders of FATA, as well as Malakand Division along with the law enforcement agencies, had rendered in restoring peace and carrying forward the development activities in the respective areas.  The participants of the meeting expressed the determination that every scoundrel attempt on part of anyone to sabotage the achievements and bringing a bad name for the institutions of the state of Pakistan will be discouraged at every level.  “The prevailing state of peace and the law and order has been restored at a very high cost and no attempt will be tolerated to sabotage these achievements,” it said.

The meeting also expressed the determination that the government will seriously consider the issues, pointed out by different quarters including the youth while remaining within the ambit of the constitution and the law of the land.  The apex committee was also unanimous on promoting political activities in the tribal areas and welcomed the ongoing efforts of the elders and the elected representatives in this respect.

The apex committee acknowledged that indeed the tribal people, elders and their elected representative had contributed their positive role in very difficult times for bringing peace and carrying forward development activities in their respective areas which really was an appreciable outcome. 

In the future too, it said, the resolution of all the problems being faced currently or the difficulties to come across in the future, can amicably be made possible through representative jirgas and the local leadership. 

The apex committee also stressed that maintenance of writ of law will be ensured at any cost and all-out available resources will be mobilized to secure basic rights of the tribes and providing them the required facilities.