Thursday's episode of a man with two guns was a dramatic show right in the middle of Islamabad of sensitive zone which kept the nation glued to their television sets for more than five hours. The ultra dramatic note, on which our most memorable drama finally came to an end, was however funny and at the same time sad part of the whole story. The astonishing breach of 'high alert' capital city’s security, the nerve racking defiance of law shown by Sikandar, the gunman, with live coverage right under the nose of the SSP himself, the pathetic paralysis of the administration to take any decision, the mighty Interior Minister's personal command to a SHO became a recreation to our starved spectators, the daring Zamurad Khan jumping into the fray and bringing the drama to an end was astonishing.

As a citizen of Pakistan, I hope that when our esteemed and highly intelligent Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar is not in power there will be an enquiry held as to what motives did he have for allowing this spectacle to prolong for five hours. We can call it an eye opener and hope that our police, whose field officials are not trained at all, will get ample training in the coming months and years to become, really and truly, a security agency.


Lahore, August 18.