I had an opportunity last week to meet several street children in various cities and towns. They told me that their parents and their guardians were either killed in the tribal clashes or due to growing lawlessness in the province; therefore, there was no one to take care of them. We call this country Islamic Republic of Pakistan but don’t follow any Islamic dictates!

Recent surveys conducted by a few reliable NGOs acclaimed that extreme poverty, illiteracy; tribal killings have increased the number of street children in the northern districts of Sindh province. It is a harsh reality that in the aftermath of killing of their parents, in the tribal killings, the merciless feudal lords and tribal chiefs, most of them MNAs and MPAs of our country, use them as ‘little workers’ in their huge mansions. They treat them ruthlessly knowing that they are helpless and there is no authority that will question them! This has increased in the last one decade which saw a deep decline in any kind of humanity practised in our country and the ruthless behaviour of the elite and ruling politicians.

Since street children are being neglected by the society and the provincial government, those who abuse and use them go unpunished all the time, therefore I would like to request our government to seriously look into this problem before other foreign countries dub us as an in humane society.


Islamabad, August 3.