This letter is an acknowledgement to the unsung heroes of our streets and roads, the unnoticed street scavengers who collect and segregate waste material to be recycled. These are the people who are responsible for the smooth flow of the eco system in Pakistan. They work unknowingly to give us a healthy atmosphere, they work on garbage heaps, where a normal person cannot even stand for a few seconds, these small children and adults really are super humans who put their hands into it in search of recyclable materials.

A task which should have been done by a responsible government is being done by these brave heroes. They are even unaware of the diseases they might get from such wastes. The level of their self respect is that once I even offered some money to a small boy for his acknowledgement, but to my astonishment he simply refused saying that he is not a beggar but earns from his own hard work. I salute these heroes and request the officials to even grant them some protective gloves or suits for this purpose.


Lahore, August 17.