Hardly a day passes when we don’t hear of blasts or a suicide attacks in one or another city of our country. Recently the very tragic suicide attack on Aug 8, just a day before Eid, on a funeral in Quetta where among others, many valiant police officers embraced shahadat.

The blame every time is put on TTP or some so-called spokesman of TTP, an un-known person from an un-known place, claims responsibility and the nation is being fed on this concoction, the understanding being instilled is that this TTP is being run and manned by Muslims, the recruits being 'Tulaba' or students who are being taught the Quran and ethics of Islam in Muslim religious schools, hence the name ‘Tehreek-i-Tulaba-i-Pakistan’.

This supposition is indeed very misleading. If the recruits, the actual death- soldiers are Muslims who are being taught the Quran by Muslim religious scholars, how can they be un-aware of what is written in the Quran? There is a clear command for the Muslims in the Quran, Sura 4, and verse 93 that "if a man kills a Muslim intentionally, his reward is Hell, where he will abide forever. The wrath and curse of Allah will be upon him and a terrible punishment has been prepared for him". If TTP is being run by Muslims, they must be aware of what is Islamic belief?

If these are Muslims (and I for one cannot believe it) how can they defy the word of Allah and our Prophet (PBUH)? And if they do not read the Quran and are un-aware of what is written there, they are not Muslims; irrespective of whatever they may claim. The name TTP is a fraud, it is a terrorist organisation, run by non-Muslims who are clearly enemies of Islam and enemies of Pakistan, run and funded by any one of the following countries that are our open and hidden enemies such as India, Afghanistan and Israel, with USA, who recruit these foot-soldiers, train and arm them for attacks on Muslims even in mosques and at funerals. No Muslim can ever think of desecrating a mosque or a funeral!

What are our intelligence agencies doing, except eating away a considerable chunk of national money? Why can’t they infiltrate into this and other terrorist organisation and destroy it? And what is the government doing except issuing statements? It is ridiculous to hear them say that they share the victims' families’ grief and sorrow. Do the government high-ups really share the grief? Can they feel the pang of sorrow of one who has lost a father or a husband or a brother or a son and the sole bread-winner for the family? No sir all they share is in the wagging of tongues otherwise they are much too busy in their merry making to spare even a moment for those affected in such tragic incidents. I hope we can have one sane, intelligent, uncorrupted leader who will stand up and speak the truth!


Lahore, August 18.