ISLAMABAD - The ongoing political turmoil has set off different rumours and conspiracies in the capital. All the political players have their stakes and they are playing a game that is going on in the federal capital at the moment. Some people have questioned the real intentions of Interior Minister Ch Nisar who, certain quarters believe, might be the candidate for future Prime Minister and is paving the way for an in-house change in the parliament.

Some people have contended that Imran Khan and Dr Tahir ul Qadri duo are not working on their own but the current crisis is engineered by some strong power that has very smartly planned to bring an in-house change in the parliament. People in the town have started believing that Ch Nisar is onboard with those powers as it is the only chance for him to become premier in Pakistan. Sitting Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharif gives him this pleasure or not, will be decided in next 48 hours.

The powers, conspiracy theorists here say, who have designed this show are not interested in sent packing the government but they for the time being want the government to continue but minus Sharifs. A source said that few weeks back Ch Pervaiz Ilahi received a call from the real power players and was directed to go to Dr Qadri and tell him to prepare for his sit-in in the capital.

Sources said that even Qadri for some time denied doing that taking the plea that he might not be able to gather the same number of people as he did previous year. While he was in UK, the game designers made him realize that number of people does not matter a lot and things will run as designed and all he was supposed to do was that stay put on his demands. The sources said that after that Lahore Incident took place and turned the game on and finally Qadri has reached in front of Parliament of Pakistan with no flexibility in his demands.

The next expected move is taking over the parliament by the marchers if their demands are not met and those demands are nothing else but the resignation of Mian Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif.

The government after the Lahore incident is in no position to open fire on the marchers.  Moreover, Army deployed to guard parliament is also not going to involve itself into violence. The only option that will be left with the government and the Prime Minister is that resign or dissolve the government.

The conspiracy theorists say that Chaudhry Nisar's future lies in the resignation of the Prime Minister otherwise he is not going to get anything because if the government is dissolved there is a long list of candidates to become Premier. About the alleged level of involvement of Ch Nisar in this game, the sources said that he is well aware that an in-house change has been planned and he is going to be premier in that case.

The Prime Minister whereas has been quoted by media reports announcing that neither he will resign nor the reelections were going to held and in that situation what the game planner will do is yet a big question.