“A left-wing idiot is as dangerous

as a right-wing idiot.”

–Milos Milos Zeman – 1944.

Left wing politics is the devious child of political theory; one which negates capitalism and the dogmas of faith. Leftist propagate values like equality, brotherhood and state responsibility. As popular as these ideas seem, we cannot deny that left wing politics has faced debacle after debacle. Karl Marx’s theories have inspired many revolutionists. 1917 Russia saw the coming of socialism with great enthusiasm. Its flag-bearer, Lenin and his successor Stalin made every attempt for world revolution. But the Cold War left the world with one thought only; socialism was a system of governance bound to be met by failure. Before the system is questioned, we must question those who lead it. Stalin’s regime was marked by the ‘great purges’ he made which took the lives of not hundred, not thousands but millions. He eliminated any political opposition he faced, whether it was from Trotsky, an eminent rival from the communist party or whether it was from his own supporters Bukherin and Zinoviev. Russia is an example of communism gone wild. Rightist have disappointed us just as much. Can we forget the atrocities that Hitler inflicted upon the Jewish people? Neither can we forget the crimes against humanity that were committed by Mussolini. All of rulers mentioned shared one phenomenon in common. That phenomenon is autocracy and it is neither leftist nor rightist. Any system of governance can stay in place as long as it doesn’t bend towards autocracy.