Sorry for inconvenience, work in progress” is a sign civilised countries use to apologise the people who face any problems while a construction activity is in progress and traffic is routed alternatively. New bridges, roads, metro trails, and the Orange Line train is the foremost priority of the PML-N government. There comes a question of inconvenience of people in the areas in which roads or bridges are in the process of construction. 

Every few months a major traffic route of the city is disturbed because of new construction. We are not against any sort of development or construction but we are against the extreme inconvenience people face during that construction time period. 

Thokar Niaz Baig is facing traffic congestion problem these days on account of Orange Line train track. It is not less than a life risk to cross a road at Thokar Niaz Baig if anyone has to board an intercity bus standing on the opposite side. The progress of a country is determined not by the amount of private cars on roads, but by the amount of people travelling in public transport. So the risk at such sites is very high for the pedestrians and especially the people who want to get to their place of work or study on public transport. It becomes a challenge for them to cross the road safely and reach their destination. 

Lahore traffic police should pay more attention towards the discipline of traffic and safety of the pedestrians in the areas where some construction activity is in progress. 

And “sorry for inconvenience” should be taken seriously. 


Lahore, August 18.