The wave of change has started to pick up force everywhere in the country as Pakistan gets ready to face newer and graver challenges.

Sooper delivered a ‘masterstroke’ with the idea of bringing back one of Pakistan’s liveliest and most followed bands. Junoon no doubt runs in our blood, but Sooper is literally making our hearts beat. Back in the 90’s, Junoon unified the whole nation with its musical structure, powerful performances and their unique charisma. The band waved nation’s banner everywhere in the world with pride.

Everlasting melodies like Lal Meri Pat, Khudi, Garaj Baras, Ghoom Taana and Sayonee turned the band immortal, as everywhere in the world, these songs were being played whenever Pakistani music was mentioned.

The hype of Junoon’s reunion was trending everywhere and thanks to the masterminds at Sooper, the company behind this whole campaign, we got to see one of Pakistan’s most recognized bands back in action. Being the brand that has set the benchmark in the nation, Sooper has reliably put forward a positive picture of Pakistan through its ‘Sooper Hai Pakistan’ stage for about three years now.

To pay respect on 71st Independence Day, Sooper gave us a stellar advert in which Junoon performed one of their most auspicious tracks Khudi, based on Allama Iqbal’s heart-touching verse.

Beginning with multiple youngsters striving to accomplish their objective, Khudi spreads the message of achieving something greater. It’s of no surprise that their ‘reunion’ was one of the most anticipated things in Pakistan, however it was the addition of the record holders that added adding an oomph factor to the tune.

In Khudi, Junoon has paid tribute to Pakistan’s best; for example, Ronak Lakhani who was given the Sitara-e-Imtiaz for philanthropy, Shaheer Niazi – Pakistan’s youngest scientist, Laraib Atta – a visual effect artist in Hollywood and Fakhar Zaman who was the first batsman from Pakistan to score a double century.