RAWALPINDI - Kahuta police have allegedly pushed under the carpet a robbery case in which a gang of 4 highwaymen deprived passengers of more than 25 vehicles, gold, cash and mobile phones by blocking road at Ghun Galli some 12 days ago, sources disclosed to The Nation on Monday. Instead of tracing out the gang and recovering the booty, the police have hushed up the issue and have not registered any case against the robbers, something seeking strong attention of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Punjab Capt (R) Arif Nawaz Khan, they said. A police officer of a nearby police station who had responded to the victims soon after the occurrence of the crime had been suspended and closed to police line by officials of Rawalpindi police.

According to sources, a gang of 4 armed highwaymen placed stones and a tree in the middle of the road at 1am at Ghun Gali (limits of Police Station Kahuta) and launched looting spree by stopping more than 25 vehicles travelling between Rawalpindi and Kashmir. The gang of robbers snatched gold, cash and mobiles phones from passengers and disappeared in thick forest. Some victims alerted the police on which the SHO PS Kotli Sattian Nadim Altaf (who is now facing suspension) rushed to the crime scene and interviewed the victims, sources said.

They added that the victims tried to contact Kahuta police as the crime had occurred in their limits but no positive response was given by the SHO apparently to save his skin from action for having shown negligence that led to occurrence of the robbery.

In an interview with The Nation, SHO Kahuta SI Nazir had categorically denied occurrence of the crime in his limits by the four highwaymen. He claimed that the robbers only looted one or two vehicles and fled in forest.

He said that no victim appeared before the police for registration of case against the robbers.

“Right now, I am unaware of the incident. I will check the details and will get back to you by tomorrow,” replied a spokesman to CPO when asked what kind of action had been taken against the SHO PS Kahuta by the city police chief.

Scores of cops, who were posted at PS Kotli Sattian and responded to emergency calls on the day of the incident, while talking to The Nation, also confirmed that the robbers looted more than 25 vehicles.

Meanwhile, two armed robbers riding on a motorcycle intercepted a citizen Naheem Riaz at Railway Track near Islamabad Chowk and deprived him of Rs20,000 cash and ATM and office cards on gunpoint. The victim reported the incident to PS Shamas Colony, however; the police could not arrest the robbers despite filing a case against them.