The judiciary, the slumbering giant and the third important pillar for democracy, good governance and the rule of law, has finally woken up after being in a coma for six decades. The 'born again, restored Chief Justice and his brother judges have at last broken the chains that have held it a prisoner and hostage for the last six decades. They have freed the judiciary and the citizens of Pakistan with their hallmark judgement on the black NRO and ignited a fire that is already sweeping across the nation. They have also jolted our untouchable Ministers, corrupt MNAs, Senators, senior government officers, bureaucrats and their cronies and has rudely woken them up from their evil and corrupt dreams. Two determined old men in their twilight years, who had been key players in the politics of Pakistan when the seeds of the rot in government had been sown, wanted to restore the Quaids Pakistan, for which they too had struggled. And in this historic judgement, Quaids Pakistan has been reborn. Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, together with 17 members of the larger bench of the SC, have declared the NRO, which was forced on the nation by Gen. Pervez Musharraf, in his desperate bid to save himself, as unconstitutional. In its short order, the SC of Pakistan has stated that the NRO is against the interests of the country and unconstitutional and that all orders and acquittals that were passed under the NRO were illegal and all convictions that were held prior to the enactment of the NRO, stand revived. The SO further stated that withdrawing of cases from Swiss courts was also unconstitutional, as the former Attorney General was not authorised to write a letter for the withdrawal of these cases. The SC has asked the government to take action against the former AG for making these requests. After sixty three years, the writ of the judiciary has been established and justice has been served and proved that crime and corruption does not pay, no matter who you are, and that ill-gotten wealth is a curse, as it destroys the souls of all who use it. I was in Islamabad on the night of the Judgement, where I had gone to attend a conference on Electricity Governance and was glued to the television, waiting with abated breath for the make or break judgement. And our CJ and his Brothers had done the nation and the legal fraternity proud by their historic judgement. The 'Dawning of the Angels has already sent ripples in our system of governance and ministers and politicians are being hauled up in the courts and their names are being placed on the Exit List. It has also brought a ray of hope to the 170 million passengers of this limping Titanic, which has been buffeted for six decades from one rocky and corrupt shore to another and have saved it from sinking into the cold and dark depths of the Indian Ocean For the last sixty-three years, corrupt leaders and politicians have come and gone and had corrupted the judicial system and forced it to support and endorse the repeated military interventions and the illegal and unconstitutional amendments in the Constitution, which has left this sacred document, battered and tattered. They had undermined the democratic process in the country and had pressurised the judiciary to legitimise corruption and military interventions, ignore the misuse and abuse of power, increasing corruption, the failing system of governance, the breakdown of law and order and the collapsing utility services and prevented it from taking suo-motto action against these injustices. They had destroyed the credibility and respect of the judiciary and the system of governance in Pakistan with their 'self-above all and 'one law for you and one law for me syndrome and had reduced the role of this noble giant, to that of a midget. And when their Chief Justice was illegally removed and manhandled, the legal fraternity had started a tidal wave in protest that has now shaken the very foundation of the government and has changed the destiny of this country and its teeming millions. They had stood firm and not wavered until their CJ had been restored, who has now woken up this sleeping giant and has taken sweeping actions to restore the tarnished image of the judiciary and the Majesty of Law. In a Straight Talk article on the Majesty of Law some years back, I had quoted the words of wisdom contained in a judgement of the Lahore High Court, comprising Justices Mushtaq Hussain, Shamim Hussain Kadri and Nasim Hasan Shah, on March 7, 1972: 'The superior judiciary is possessed with neither the sword nor the purse and thrives only on the confidence that the people of a country have in it - Courts reflect and exercise the sovereign power of the people of a state, with the assurance inherent in the very system of Islamic democracy, that these powers shall neither be curbed, nor taken away. 'If officers of the Executive were to be allowed to cow down superior courts and interfere with the administration of justice, the confidence of the general people in obtaining even-handed justice from the superior courts without fear, would for all times be completely extinguished - It is a sacred duty which they have to perform for which every member of a superior court is under oath which he takes on the assumption of the office. Such is the Majesty of Law. There were apprehensions that the CJ may be cowed down by pressures and conspiracies and would not be able to 'walk the talk. However, the Honourable Chief Justice and his brother judges had stood firm and resisted both external and internal pressures. No doubt, Pakistan once again stands at a dangerous crossroad and the wrong turn could destroy the fragile democratic process, which the SC of Pakistan is trying to protect. Therefore, the SC will have to tread softly and with caution. One can only hope that, now that the sleeping giant has woken up, it will not be subdued and chained again and that we do not wake up to another military intervention under the infamous 'Doctrine of Necessity to save the corrupt and the dishonest. May God save Pakistan from the greedy, hollow men, with crooked dreams. (email: