After having bungled up in Afghanistan. USA is constantly blaming Pakistan since 2005 for the ever-growing militancy in Afghanistan. It has somehow got fixed with the misplaced idea that continued infiltration from FATA; insurgency in Afghanistan would have been controlled by now. It fails to understand that only 1400 km Afghan border is contiguous to Pakistan and the rest attached with Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, China and Iran. Out of 34 provinces only seven are linked with Pakistan. All these countries are playing their role in one way or the other in keeping the Afghan cauldron boiling. During Taliban rule in Afghanistan, Russia continued to provide military support to Ahmad Shah Masood and Dostum led Northern Alliance forces. With this background it can be deduced that Russia still retains sufficient pockets of influence in Afghanistan. Its involvement in selling war munitions to Karzai regime, provision of funds, arms and explosives to Taliban, Hikmatyar and Al-Qaeda through Central Asian states to keep the flames of insurgency burning is quite obvious. Russia has not forgotten or forgiven USA for its perverse role in the Afghan Jihad in which it suffered a humiliating defeat and got truncated from super power to Russian federation. It has not forgotten that supply of stinger missiles to the Mujahideen in 1988 turned the tide against the Soviet forces. It is a great opportunity for Russia to avenge its humiliation by converting American venture in Afghanistan into another Vietnam for America and would be too pleased to see American military might sink into the quagmire of Afghanistan. Coming years cannot rule out the possibility of recommencement of cold war between USA and Russia duly aligned with China. India enjoys best of relations with Russia and is still dependent upon Russian armament. Well knowing US-Russia antagonism, it is playing a double role and acting as a conduit to receive and distribute arms and equipment from Russia among the militants in Afghanistan to earn money. It is feverishly engaged in training, motivating, arming and funding militants in Afghanistan and launching them into Pakistan to destabilise it. Besides destabilisation, its principle interest is to emerge as the key player in Afghanistan. Although like India, Iran also does not desire the Taliban to regain power, there are reports that Iran has cultivated contacts with the Taliban and is providing material support. Israel had provided military assistance to Iran during the Iran-Iraq war to ensure that none of the rivals win the war. Likewise, Iran too would like USA to remain stuck in the minefields of Afghanistan and Iraq for as long as possible and get enfeebled to an extent that it is unable to mount an offensive against its nuclear sites or destabilise Iran through southern Iraq and Baluchistan. It is keen to buy time to be able to complete its nuclear program. China is fully conscious of American containment policy and conversion of Afghanistan into a strong military base to monitor its activities. It is also mindful of India's burgeoning military strength and latest Indo-US nuclear deal and America's efforts to convert India into a bulwark against China. Knowing the designs of USA, China would like to befriend India and America to remain bogged down in the swamp of Afghanistan. China may be deriving satisfaction from the fact that USA is its largest debtor and has now further plunged into economic crisis. In Uzbekistan, there is strong Islamic movement in progress, which is linked with the Afghan Taliban and Al-Qaeda. Uzbeks had taken part in Afghan Jihad and are now fighting the Americans in Afghanistan alongside Taliban. Some are settled in certain parts of FATA and in Swat and are reputed to be ruthless and robust fighters. Muslim fighters from Tajikistan and Turkmenistan too are extending a helping hand to the Taliban in Afghanistan. There is a regular inflow of Al-Qaeda members from Chechnya, Iraq, Far Eastern, North African and Arab countries and also from European countries to strengthen the hands of the Taliban. They are bringing in sophisticated weaponry and refined tactics to conduct guerrilla warfare. All these factors put together have increased violence and fatalities of foreign troops in Afghanistan. Owing to US government's naivety and flawed policiesm it must have been quite easy for all the above noted countries to funnel in war munitions because of America's entire focus of attention towards mounting insurgency in southern and eastern Afghanistan and its fixation that all the supplies are coming from Pakistan. US military command in Kabul is under the spell of Indian, Israeli and Northern Alliance advisers and is thoughtlessly ignoring threats emanating from multiple directions because of Pakistan-centricity. The trio is anti-Pakistan and hence their efforts to cause maximum harm to Pakistan from behind the US cover. The latter is naively spending all its energies against its ally viewed as the chief suspect supposed to be harming American interests. It has become so thoroughly brainwashed by its confidantes that instead of rewarding Pakistan for all the sacrifices rendered by Pak army it has adopted a hostile policy. It refuses to acknowledge the fact that Pakistan has always come to its aid whenever in distress irrespective of the fact that it was constantly ditched by USA after its interests were served. Even now, losses incurred by Pak army are much larger than any other country taking part in the war on terror. Besides the human losses, the leadership and the army in particular had to bear the stings and arrows from its own people for fighting US war and killing its own people. USA also ignores the fact that without Pakistan's all out support it could neither occupy Afghanistan with so much ease nor can it hope to win the war at its own. Instead of extending all out support to its principal ally to turn the tide in its favour, USA discourages it and misses no opportunity to deride and denigrate Pakistan. On the contrary, USA has given all the goodies to India which had remained a strategic partner of former Soviet Union till 1991, has befriended China and is playing a double game and failing USA. As a consequence to US flawed policy, it is now finding it exceedingly hard to contain insurgency which has spread to almost all parts of Afghanistan including non-Pashtun areas which sooner than later may get converted into a people's liberation war. One of the principle reasons for chaos is the iniquitous role of six intelligence agencies based in Kabul (CIA, MI-6, RAW, Mossad, German Intelligence, RAM) each having its own agenda. There is no proper mechanism to coordinate and control the working of these agencies. Another reason is lack of coordination between US troops, NATO troops, Afghan army and troops from other countries. Integrated approach is lacking in Afghanistan. Lure of big money through drug trade is yet another motive for all the forces to get distracted from adopting a mission oriented focussed approach. Sidelining of the Sunni Pakhtuns from power that are predominant in whole of the country less northern Afghanistan and depending upon untrustworthy and corrupt warlords and non-Pashtun Northern Alliance elements, and putting faith in unpopular Karzai were blunders for which USA is paying a price. The US stooge Karzai heads unrepresentative, inefficient, corrupt regime. Instead of carrying out a critical appraisal of threat perception at the global level, USA is making Pakistan the scapegoat and antagonistically stating that it will be slaughtered to make America safe. It is high time USA should admit its own fault lines and put its act together rather than blaming others for its failures. Troop surge in Afghanistan will further fuel militancy but vacation of Afghanistan will terminate militancy in the region. 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