KANDHKOT - Completely oblivious to the importance of the livestock sector in the economic development of any country, the district administration has completely failed to provide basic facilities in the cattle markets.

Even in three big cattle markets of the district namely in Kandhkot, Tangwani and  Kashmore,  there is a lack of basic facilities such as water, grass, shelter and sanitation. There are also parking and security issues in these markets.

Talking to this scribe, both sellers and buyers complained about the lack of basic facilities in the market.  They further said that there was not even sufficient space for them to sit and negotiate the prices whereas in Punjab and other provinces the charges were minimal and even the vehicles were available at cheaper rates.

While in Punjab and other provinces, there are proper shelters and complete security arrangments, it is opposite in district Kashmore where the animals are sold out in open.

Even there is no veterinary doctor to treat these animals which may be harmful for the people if they happen to consume a sick animal.