ISLAMABAD      -          The Building Control Directorate –I of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) generated revenue of around Rs582 million on account of approval of building plans, completion certificates, NOCs , fines on account of non-conforming use and others during the year 2019.

Active, vigilant and effective pursuance of building by-laws has resulted in handsome increase in revenue as well as enforcement of building by-laws in the city.

Previously, this main resource of revenue was neither followed nor efforts were made to make it an active source of revenue generation, which can be gauged by the fact that the revenue generated through this head was far much minimum during the year 2018.

However, in line with the steps taken by the incumbent management for strengthening the financial position of the authority, all such avenues have now been activated while new are being explored coupled with state-of-the-art development of the city and ensuring discipline in every sphere.

Building Control Directorate-I, during the year 2019 received Rs157 million on account of approval of building plans while received Rs38 million on account of completion charges/certificates of residential and commercial buildings. Similarly, around Rs387 million were also received on account of issuance of NOCs and fines on account of non-conforming use.

In line with the directions of the management of the authority, Building Control Directorate-I of the authority not only ensures implementation of building by-laws in the city but also to take action against the violations of the building by-laws including eradication of the non-conforming use of different premises. Due to effective strategy, large number of the owners of the premises approached the authority for approval of the building plans, issuance of completion certificates and NOCs after paying the fees in this regard.

During the year 2019, 1,037 cases of building plans were received for approval, 412 cases of completion certificates while 1,486 cases of non-conforming use and NOCs were also disposed of. Moreover, four meetings of the Design Vetting Committee were also held during the year 2019. During these meetings, 21 designs of commercial buildings were also approved by the directorate.