PESHAWAR - Taliban militants released a video of a kidnapped US soldier on Sunday. The militants had kidnapped him from Yousafkhel area of Paktya province, Afghanistan, on July 1, 2009. I am Pte Bowe Bergdahl, from 501 Unit, the US soldier appeared in the video as saying. The video, released to certain media persons, has confirmed that the US soldier is in the captivity of Taliban militants. The United States soldier in the video also said that he had arrived in Afghanistan two and a half months ago from Kuwait. After landing in Afghanistan he was posted in Bagram and was later abducted by the Taliban militants when he was visiting Yousafkhel area of Paktya province. He also said that he was all right. Pte Bowe Bergdahl in his brief talk in the video further said that his brother-in-law was receiving training of drone operations in a US military school. The US soldier appeared wearing Afghan dress and taking green tea. He seemed to have been locked in a room of a mud house. Two Taliban militants while talking to TheNation on telephone claimed the US soldier had been held captive inside Afghanistan. It seemed that he is detained somewhere in Ghazni, which is a stronghold of Taliban. Taliban also had held 21 kidnapped Korean engineers in the same area in 2007 and later made them free after getting 21 million dollars as ransom. When the Taliban militants asked whether they would demand ransom for the release of the kidnapped soldier, they said, Mullah Omar and his aide Mullah Biradar will decide the fate of the US soldier. It may be mentioned here that a couple of weeks ago, another US national, David Rodhe, associated with New York Times, had escaped from Talibans captivity in Waziristan area. His driver Asadullah Mangal is still missing.