This is with reference to letter written by former MD PEPCO and SSGPL about alleged massive inflated price tag for restarting Nandipur Power project, which was intentionally not allowed to commence on time by previous government. What we have forgotten is that the electricity crisis was nurtured by corruption infected mafia, who reaped a bonanza by resorting to produce expensive thermal power based on imported furnace oil. It was under Musharraf that ‘Rental Power Project’ was initiated in Pakistan and thereafter PPP government went on a rampage to reap billions. Unfortunately all that was done in the past five years was to allow old machinery, fit for scrap, to be imported and installed with present capacity below 50 percent of rated capacity.

In this daylight robbery the power producers, distribution companies, regulators, concerned ministries of power, finance, law, petroleum and their bureaucracy, were all involved. The hydel power generation was intentionally politicised by these people and no attempt, other than mere rhetoric was indulged in. Several run of the river hydel power generation dams could have been constructed and the right mix of power generation achieved to produce electricity that could be affordable for domestic and industrial consumption.

The severity of this financial terrorism should be gauged from fact, that a multi billionaire involved in LPG, used the same machinery to get guaranteed capacity payments for two separate power generation units. All this plunder could not have been achieved without complicity of concerned Federal Secretaries, the ruling political elite and the investors who made billions, while this country was driven back to Stone Age. The sad reality is that all these pirates have shifted their ill-gotten wealth to foreign countries, whose nationalities they had already acquired and now it is not only difficult but impossible to hold them accountable, unless the present government has political will and commitment to recover looted money.


Lahore, July 16.