Islamabad       -       Irked by calling AGN Kazi Formula related to the payment of Net Hydle Profit to the provinces unconstitutional, a parliamentary committee termed it an insult to the parliament and directed to probe the matter. Whoever termed the AGN Kazi Formula as an unconstitutional should apologize in written from the committee, said chairman senate committee on Water Resource senator Shamim Afridi.

The Committee on Water Resources which met with Senator Shamim Afridi in chair took serious notice of the word unconstitutional’ used for the AGN Kazi formula related to payment of royalty on account of electricity generation, Net Hydle Profit, to the provinces.

Senator Mushtaq Ahmad who attended the meeting as special invitee said that KP must be provided the NHP as per AGN formula. He said that AGN is an important document but the ministry of water resources in its reply has termed it self-contradictory. If it is illegal or unconstitutional then why it was being endorsed since 1991, senator Mushtaq questioned.

The share of KP in NHP is Rs 112 billion per annum and the federal government owes Rs 500 billion to the provinces. The Federal has money for corruption and expenditure but not to pay KP for its share of NHP, he said. Chairman of the committee said that Supreme Court and CCI has endorsed the AGN formula therefore don’t write it is illegal or un constitutional. Officials of the Ministry of water resource however clarified that the response was from WAPDA not from them. Chairman of the committee said that the matter must be probed in detail as how it has been termed as “Unconstitutional”.