KARACHI    -   Adviser to CM on Information, Law and Anti-Corruption Friday reached the protesting camp of Sindh Nurses Alliance at Karachi Press Club and handed over the notification to the leaders of Nurses Alliance as per their demands.

The adviser was accompanied with Secretary Health Department. On this occasion Barrister Murtaza Wahab said: “The government of Pakistan People’s Party believes in the fulfillment of its promises. The provincial government is very keen to solve the problems of the nurses alliance from the day one.  Unfortunately some elements have tried to make differences between nurses alliance and the government to accomplish their ulterior motives and it has been proved that the Dharna Party can only spread anarchy in the country. People are well aware of anarchists and those who serve and provide facility to the people of Pakistan.”

Talking to the media persons at KPC, Wahab said due to inflation PTI-led government crushed the common men of the country who were already facing the hardship due to the policies of the selected government.

Wahab said that the PTI’s should show some political ethics and norms to protest outside the Governor House against devastating economic condition of the country. Wahab said that the nurses slogans in favour of Pakistan People’s Party is a proof that the people show their love, affectation to Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto. Barrister Murtaza Wahab said that those who have their own manifesto to proliferate anarchy are always ready to spread them.

Wahab warned such elements to abstain/ refrain from their activities otherwise the Sindh government reserves all legal rights to cope with the situation as per Law.  

Addressing a press conference at KPC, the advisor further said that anti-people budget and prices of essential commodities which will strike hard all segments of society particularly working class but PTI not pay any attention to resolve the common men problems.

Reacting to the statement of Opposition Leader Firdos Shamim Naqvi, Wahab has said that he should not worry about the affairs Pakistan People’s Party and pay attention to its own political party. He said that Firdos Shamim Naqvi is well aware of how many different groups are in his party.

The advisor information asked the opposition leader that when he became the opposition leader how many votes he has obtained from his own party. Barrister Murtaza Wahab said you are only spreading  anarchy and conflict among masses and political parties. Wahab advised Firdos Shamim Naqvi refrain to become spokesperson of any institution. He said that Firdos Shamim Naqvi seems like the spokesman of NAB rather than PTI. Wahab said orphans of PTI are trying to sell themselves, he concluded.