ISLAMABAD-Acid throwing is inhuman and barbarous act that not only lead to physical distortions of survivors for the rest of life but also make difficult for them to lead a normal life in a society, where looks count above everything else, especially for women. Although mostly people are of the view that face is not everything and real beauty lies inside a person, not outside, but still every person wishes that he or she should look beautiful and they do it because the world demands it. Acid attack is a particularly vicious and damaging form of violence, which causes the skin tissues to melt often exposing the bones below the flesh, sometimes even dissolving the bone and the overwhelming numbers of victims come from the poorest backgrounds and are women. Although Sahib Bibi victim of acid attack was fortunate enough to be among the few victims in the country, who could fight the legal battle and her family also remained supportive, but despite passage of more than a year she is still suffering from a number of health related complications. A 35-year-old woman, Sahib Bibi fell victim to acid violence on 16 April 2008 over a family dispute. Her husband works in a mobile shop. The poor woman had to sell all her property to continue the expensive treatment. Her two daughters and caring husband are trying their best for her return to normal life. However, the incident has put a terrible impact on her life, as besides suffering from mental torturer, she got a number of physical health problems and has become paralyzed. While narrating her ordeal Sahib told TheNation that she was preparing for marriage of her elder daughter, when the incident took place. Due to the expensive surgical treatment we have to sell our entire property and spend money saved for our daughters marriage, she noted. She continued that so far around Rs1.5 million have been spent on her surgical treatment, but still I could not get back what I used to be before the attack. The increase in the yearly count of acid attacks cases was an indicator that there is an urgent need to make and implement laws and policies to safeguard women from this vicious form of violence. In August 2003,the Punjab Assembly passed legislation under which an acid attack would rank as attempted murder, but so far no national law has reinforced this provincial law. According to legal experts the specific provisions should be made in the Pakistan Penal Court for protecting women from this horrendous act.