ISLAMABAD (APP) - The Federal Government has allocated Rs one billion for a new scheme for development of Thar coal infrastructure in the Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP). A further Rs.150m were earmarked for the establishment of a Mega CNG Station at Karachi to be run by the Hydrocarbon Development Institute of Pakistan (HDIP). For appraisal of newly discovered Coal resources of Badin Coal Field and its adjoining areas of Southern Sindh, Rs.40.00m will be spent under the programme. An other amount of Rs.26.04 have been allocated for Institute of Drilling Geological Survey of Pakistan. In Balochistan province, Rs. 20m will be spent on exploration and evaluation of Coal in Raghni Area Tehsil Shahing while Rs.15m were kept for exploration of Tertiary Coal in Central Salt Range, Punjab. An amount of Rs 542.679m has also been allocated for 18 ongoing development schemes. The main ongoing schemes include Oil and Gas Exploration Activities in Balochistan at a cost of Rs 763.434m, Construction of Petroleum House Rs 452.440m, Ground Follow up Aeromagnetic Anomalies in Chagai district Balochistan Rs 162.982, Up-gradation/strengthening of Geo-science Advance Research Laboratories, GSP Islamabad Rs 249.870m, Capacity Building for Hydrocarbon Research and Development, Islamabad Rs 140.00m, Associated Geological Mapping and Geochemical Exploration of the Out-crop Area of Pakistan Rs 198.643m, Capacity Expansion of HDIP CNG Station at Islamabad Rs 37m. Establishment of Project Management Unit (PMU) Rs 50.900m, Strengthening and Capacity Building of Mineral Wing Rs 95.00m, Establishment of Project Monitoring and Evaluation Cell Rs 39.675m, National Coal Policy Rs 34. 324m, Training of Gemstone Mining, Processing and Evaluation on Scientific Lines to Private Sector in NA Gilgit Rs 25.30m, Establishment of Facilitation Cell for the development of Reko-Diq Copper-Gold project, Balochistan Rs 21.97m, Geo-Hydrological exploration for Development of Underground Water in Hamun-e-Mushkil, Chaghi district Balochistan Rs 46.00m.