ISLAMABAD - The Finance Ministry has explored a tricky way to impose the controversial carbon tax on CNG. According to well-placed sources, the government has decided to hide the carbon tax on CNG under the name of Gas Development Surcharge (GDS). The sources said as part of the strategy, the government would first withdraw the carbon tax on CNG from budget proposals, as announced by Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, but would levy it again as part of the Gas Development Surcharge on natural gas. However, the sources told TheNation that the Petroleum Ministry had opposed the Finance Ministrys covert plan to include the carbon tax quietly into the Gas Development Surcharge. They said that the Petroleum Ministry had pointed out that the GDS was solely meant for the gas development programme that included expansion of gas distribution network and reorganisation of the two state-owned gas utilities. According to the sources, the Finance Ministry has opined that the amount of tax added to GDS would not put an extra-burden on consumer prices of the natural gas. They said that Finance Ministry had estimated to generate Rs 3 to 5 billion from the carbon tax on CNG. Since there had been a vehement opposition to it, the Prime Minister the other day directed the ministry to withdraw the tax. At the same time, the Federal Board of Revenue has explained to the Finance Ministry that there is no room for withdrawal of any levy in the wake of next years target of tax to GDP ratio at 9.5 per cent. Therefore, the bureaucrats at the Finance Ministry have found a way-out in their own style to withdraw the levy from one head and include it into another, the sources maintained.