ISLAMBAD-Haj and Umra Association of Islamabad has rejected the new Haj policy for year 2009 by the Ministry of Religious affairs that forced them to submit cash guarantee instead of the bank guarantee for the Haj quota. Addressing a press conference here on Friday at National Press Club, President of the association Abdul Ghaffar Khan said that the new Haj Policy was not in favour of Haj and Umra operators. Vice President of the association Ayub Abbasi and Secretary General Iqbal Hyder were also present on the occasion. They lambasted the Minister for Religious Affairs statement regarding the Haj and Umra operators as the minister according to them said on a TV show that Haj and Umra business was most profitable in the country after business of illegal drugs. The minister, they said, remarked in the said talk show that the operators were earning hefty money. However, they said that later the minister apologised. Abdul Ghaffar said that his organisation approached the ministry before the announcing of new Haj policy and asked the officials of the ministry that operators had serious reservation about the new policy but the ministrys officials did not pay heed to their plight. He said that while following the new policy the ministry was asking them to submit Rs 5m in the name of guarantee. Speaking on the occasion, Ayub Abbasi said that Haj and Umra operators had been running their business for last 5 years and they were providing better facilities to pilgrims than the govt was doing. He said that private operators were charging less than government, We are taking Rs180,000 for Haj while the government is charging near about Rs200,000, he said. He asked the government to review its new Haj Policy and protect the Haj and Umra operators in their businesses as they were serving the nation.