JERUSALEM (AFP) - Israelis increasingly view US President Barack Obama as pro-Palestinian as Washington has begun ramping up pressure on the Jewish state to halt settlement growth, a poll found on Friday. Only six per cent of Israelis view the US President as pro-Israel, while 50pc believe he is pro-Palestinian and 36pc see him as neutral, according to the poll published in the Jerusalem Post. The poll found that more than 50pc of Israelis support removing wildcat outpost settlements that are considered illegal under Israeli law and freezing the growth of smaller, far-flung settlements. But 69pc of Israelis are against freezing the growth of major built-up settlement blocs, with only 27pc in favour and four per cent expressing no opinion. Obama has called on Israel to halt all settlement activity and Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas has said he will not hold peace talks until that happens. The poll by the Jerusalem Post and Smith Research surveyed 500 Israeli Jews, who make up 80pc of the population, and had a margin of error of 4.5pc.