LAHORE - Punjab University (PU) spokesman on Friday rebutted the allegations levelled against the varsity administration by Law College Lecturer Khajista Rehan, saying that all such claims were totally baseless and unethical. He said by issuing a derogatory statement, the lecturer wanted to escape the inquiry being conducted against her on the complaints of the Law College students, adding that the matter would be investigated according to the rules and regulations without any prejudice. This statement came after Khajista Rehan, a lecturer of the Law College Punjab University, levelled serious allegations against Vice Chancellor Dr Mujahid Kamran and claimed that she was removed from the position of hostel warden of Hostel No 9 and 10 illegally without observing the prescribed rules. Her allegations include misuse of funds, favouritism, un-necessary spending on entertainment of guests, renovation and construction of the department buildings despite economic crisis. She has also accused Principal Law College Prof Shazia Noreen Qureshi of misusing her authority. Meanwhile, PU Treasurer Amjad Saleemi also dismissed the allegation that the varsity had deposited Rs 300 million in the Bank of Punjab and its profit was being misused. He said the claim had nothing to do with the facts as the varsity deposited an amount Rs 20 million only, which was scheduled to mature in November 2009. He said the claim of misuse of the profit before the date of maturity of the invested amount was itself a proof that propaganda campaign was baseless because the banks release the profit only when the invested amount is matured. About another allegation, he said no recreation funds were available in the Punjab University. Denying the accusations, Chairman Hall Council Dr Muhammad Akhtar said the lecturer, who was also given the additional charge of hostel superintendent, had illegally given occupation of one of the rooms to an outsider. Despite verbal and written orders the superintendent did not vacate the room from the illegal occupants. He said the hostel warden after two months taking action in this regard double locked the said room, however, in sheer violation of the hostel rules Khajista broke the lock and allowed the illegal lodger to live in the hostel. On the complaint of the warden, a three-member committee was constituted which asked superintendent to record her statement, but she did not turn up. Ultimately the committee recommended withdrawing the additional charge of hostel superintendent from her. Dr Akhtar said the action had been taken as per university rules and regulations but Khajista was issuing statements in the media to pressurise the administration. However, the administration would not bow to such negative tactics and propaganda, he vowed. Assistant Professor of Law College Samee Ozair, who is also targeted by Khajista, has said she has insulted him as he belongs to a well-known and noble family. He said Khajista has any documented proof she should present before the public; otherwise he reserved the right to sue her. It is noteworthy, that over 200 students had submitted complaints against Khajista for reprehending them without any reason and using very harsh and unethical language in the class. The students had also sent a complaint to the chancellor PU Governor Salman Taseer. The PU administration had also received a letter from the Governor House to probe the matter. Earlier this year on April 9, the Law College students also staged a demonstration against the insulting behaviour of Khajista Rehan and said that she was trying to influence departmental inquiry by giving unethical statements in the media.