LAHORE - The Lahore High Court has ordered the vacation of Principal House of Government College for Boys Gulberg presently occupied by former principal of the college despite his new posting. Justice Khawaja Farooq Saeed issued this order while disposing of two petitions filed by one Professor Qazi Ikram Bashir. Petitioner submitted that he was Principal of Government College Gulberg for Boys, wherein Principal House was also built so as to provide accommodation to its principal. He said the respondent Prof Abdul Razzaq Cheema who was earlier principal of the said college and later posted as Director of Directorate of Public Instructions. But despite his new posting Prof Cheema did not vacate the principal house as he got permission from the authorities to live in the said accommodation till he got a substitute as per his new assignment. Petitioner challenged this act through a petition and in order to restrain him from pursuing the case he was transferred to another college against which he also filed another petition. Justice Farooq Saeed in his order observed that as far as the principal accommodation was concerned, since the petitioner has been transferred to another college, he did not remain an aggrieved party, and disposed of his petition declaring as anfractuous. However, the judge remarked that sequence of circumstances does speak of malafide on the part of respondent with regard to the transfer of the petitioner. Not only that he has been transferred after receiving information of filing of this writ petition but his depart also is very unceremonious. He has been relieved in his absence on April 18, 2009 only 10 days after filing the writ petition by him, Judge observed. Judge further observed that it could not be considered advisable to grant the principal residence in any of educational institution to a person who was no more a principal. Justice Farooq Saeed directed the competent authority to get the principal house vacated immediately but not later than eight weeks and in future it should be decided as policy that such houses should only be allowed and retained by principal. And no other authority whosoever it may be should be allotted the said house.