ISLAMABAD - With all set for large-scale military operation in South Waziristan against the top Taliban commander, Baitullah Mehsud, the Nato and US forces deployed in Afghanistan will also extend intelligence information to Pakistani security forces and try to block the possible cross-border movement of the militants during the offensive. Pakistani security forces are currently giving final touches to the major operation against the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) chief with troops moving in large number towards the Mehsud areas in South Waziristan. Pakistani fighter jets also targeted the suspected militants hideouts in South Waziristan on Friday, which is being seen as the final signal of a showdown with Taliban commander Baitullah Mehsud. Meanwhile, the security forces are also blocking the roads leading to Baitullahs stronghold of Makeen and other areas under his control in South Waziristan. Not only the Pakistani forces were preparing for the offensive against Mehsud but the Nato and US troops across the border in Afghanistan were also engaged in gathering intelligence information about Baitullah and his followers in South Waziristan, revealed the reliable sources here on Friday. The unmanned US spy planes have been constantly monitoring the South and North Waziristan for months now to carry out missile attacks against the suspected al-Qaeda and Taliban hideouts in the restive tribal regions. According to the sources, the frontier region of Waziristan is not a new terrain for the foreign troops based in Afghanistan and they have lot of intelligence information about the region that they would share with Pakistani security forces during the offensive against Baitullah. A source said that not only the Nato and US troops would share the intelligence information with Pakistan against the Taliban commander but they would also endeavour to block the movement of fleeing militants to Afghanistan as the operation intensified. Hence, he said difficult times ahead for Baitullah and his followers as the Pakistani security forces had succeeded to a greater extent to isolate and encircle the Taliban chief well before the start of full-fledged army operation against him. A Pakistani official when contacted didnt confirm or deny the deal on cooperation against Baitullah with the US and Nato forces. However, he said that Pakistan would definitely want the foreign troops stationed on Pak-Afghan border to prevent the militants from fleeing the battlegrounds by crossing over to their side of frontier in search of sanctuaries.