KARACHI - Opposition leader Saeed Ghani on Friday termed the particulars of City nazims interview as against the reality and a public stunt. He said that the City Nazim Mustafa Kamals saying that he had met President Zardari five times was enough to show the importance of Karachi for the PPPs government. Moreover he denied allegations of nazim on Sindh government and its CM for reducing funds for CDGK while some Rs1,000 million have been issued for Karachi by the CM. He said before general elections 2008, the city government took Rs1,600m on conditions of adjusting it but it has not done it yet. Karachi is the only district that has been given 100 per cent progressive funds in December by federal and provincial governments, he added. Federal PSDP has funds for Karachi which are as follows; Rs1,000m for Circular Railway, Rs300m for sewerage project, Rs300m for CNG buses, Rs1,000m for Lyari re-establishment project, Rs928m for Lyari package, Rs22b for Green Karachi, Rs700m for health, and Rs8b for Lyari Expressway. In provincial progressive funds more than Rs13b have been allocated for different progressive works in Karachi, he added. He said that City governments own maladjustments were responsible for the City governments financial crisis.