LAHORE - Notwithstanding the fact Pakistan is doing its best to weather the storm of terrorism and other problems yet its people have registered no impression of giving in to these gigantic challenges. The unabated efforts started long ago by the external powers through their internal pawns to demoralise and destabilise the nation have not been fruitful for the fact, some elements of pride hold the Pakistani people together. Of late, a unique feature of this nation is that it becomes more aware and keen in understanding, the more it is pressed hard by the circumstances. Atomic Pakistan, is indeed, an honour, courage and pride of the nation. This nation also holds its head high for having a written Constitution titled, Islamic Republic, for the protection and supremacy of which it has just ended one phase of its struggle and is poised for the second, to get it purged of the irritants against democracy. The derision of the Pakistani constitution by the India Chief Justice who termed it flawed and incapable of meeting the challenges of times to show the Indian Constitution superior to others, has generally been taken as something uncalled for, unsavoury and not befitting to an office wherein arbitrary and one-sided decisions hardly carry conviction. It is a fact that trial and turbulence in the life of a nation go a long way to transform it into a strong one and every great nation of the present day had to pass through that phase which helped them to learn and progress. Pakistan is also an alive nation and proof of it is the recent long and historic movement for the independence of judiciary and supremacy of the Constitution. This movement has been acclaimed throughout the world even in India and for that matter, the Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has been honoured by the renowned institutions of the world. The nation has achieved an independent judiciary and it is now determined to guard the Constitution to plug the way of its misuse. The statement of the Indian Chief Justice has been taken in bad taste particularly by the lawyers as they were who kicked off the historic movement and convinced the people on the cause of strong and independent judiciary. For them it is an interference in our affairs and a manifestation of the fact how the echelons of Indian judiciary think about Pakistan. As to the Constitution of Pakistan, it is a satisfying for the nation that it was carried with consensus of all political parties in 1973. Our Constitution has been framed on federalism, fundamental rights, and on the supremacy of Allah, Almighty, hence it contains all ingredients of Parliamentary Federal Democracy. As basic right, it allows every citizen to practice his faith and stresses on the availability of equal opportunities to everyone to make progress and build life. Unlike Pakistan Constitution which has Islam as dominant spirit, Indian has been framed on the theme of Secularism. It is an admitted fact that our Constitution was violated by military rulers for their own interests but the nation always resisted that practice and rose to the occasion as and when found a chance. Ziaul Haq changed coloure of the Constitution by bringing therein 8th Amendment in 1985 which was struck down by Nawaz Sharif in 1997. Musharraf also attempting to give the system a complexion of Presidential, inserted changes in the Constitution through 17th amendment and Article 58(2)b and now all sides are agreed to repeal them to bring the Constitution more in line with norms of democratic system. Our Constitution provided for the masses but it was otherwise that military rulers for not being ingrained in the masses, twisted the Constitution to prop up their rule. But it was the fault of those who had to implement the Constitution and not due to any flaw in the Constitution itself. Like scores of others nations, we are also doing our best to defeat problems to ensure a strong system being watched by Argus eyes of the judiciary. And in that a true implementation of the Constitution is a big help and aim of the Pakistani nation. A number of states on the globe have written constitution but can they claim that it was 100 per cent successful in running an ideal system on its basis. Take India, has the Indian Constitution been able to curb the violation of rights of the minorities, torture on them, torching of the mosques, churches and houses of the minorities? Has it been able to ensure 100 per cent opportunities to all the citizens, or satisfy those sections which now are up in arms for separation? Has it been able to eliminate class and caste differences in India society and ensure justice to all? There are a number of questions which can be put against the efficacy of any Constitution but it should not be our province. As others, Pakistani nation too is struggling to overcome the problems in the hope of good days and this is what a nation means. We would not be dismayed and daunted by what others say and have to keep up our spirits high. We have to improve if any deficiency exists anywhere but we cannot discard that on the instigation of others what has been our pride, this is what lawyers of the city said with one voice in response to the statement in question.