LAHORE - It was one of the rarities that the days proceedings of the Punjab Assembly started in-time on Friday, but it turned out to be usual when Oppositions Mohsin Khan Leghari pointed out quorum, and it took about two hours to restart the proceedings. Acting Speaker Rana Mashhood Ahmed Khan started the proceedings at schedule time of 9 am, which came to an abrupt halt when Leghari pointed out the quorum, soon after the recitation from the Holy Quran and the Naat-e-Rasool (PBUH). By following the rules, the Chair deferred the proceedings for 30 minutes, and resumed the sitting at 11 am after the ringing of bells for well-over an hour. Opposition Leader Ch Zaheer-ud-Din suggested starting off the agenda, and calling the meeting of the Advisory Committee. Dont make this an example for future, he advised. Rana Mashood pointed out that no minister was present when he started the proceedings. I will give a ruling tomorrow, he promised. Then the House took up three privilege motions, out of which two were disposed off, while the other of PPPs MPA Syed Hassan Murtaza was referred to the privilege committee. Mohsin Leghari raised a pertinent point that there was no privilege committee. Whom the matter was being referred to? he questioned. Law Minister Rana Sana Ullah Khan told the House that the members had been nominated, while chairman privilege committee would be finalised after the session. Opposition member Samina Khawar Hayyat moved a privilege motion against PPP female MPAs Nargis Faiz Malik, Azma Zahid Bokhari and Sajida Mir for their misbehaviour with her in the Punjab Assembly premises on June 16. Rana Sana was about to speak when Labour Minister Ashraf Sohna stood up, who was given time. Sohna apprised the House that his Party leadership probed the matter and figured out that all happened because of a misunderstanding. We apologise for this, he concluded. At this point, Rana Sana lauded the media for an impartial reporting of the incident. But Samina Khawar insisted on seeking a written apology from the erring PPP female MPAs. However, after a nod from her 'seniors sitting next to her, the very next moment, she said, As per my leaderships wishes, I withdraw the privilege motion. After this, Rana Mashhood again made yet another futile effort of initiating the general discussion on budget.