KARACHI - Sindh Assembly members Friday stressed the need to implement Sindh Budget 2009-10 in letter and spirit so that people could benefit from it. Participating in discussion on the Sindh Budget, MPA and chairman Public Accounts Committee, Jam Tamachi Unar said although the provincial budget was prepared in good manner but the aspiration of people could be met if the budget is implemented in letter and spirit. He stated that although the budget contains various welfare programs like that of Benazir Income Support Program, tractor scheme for farmers but good governance depends on improvement in infrastructure including roads, power supply, schools, hospitals and agriculture related projects and maintaining law and order. He maintained that honest and dutiful police officials were made officers on special duty in previous regime. Present government has given them important posts in the department but neither Home Minister was given free hand nor these officials to control law and order situation. He proposed that law and order situation could be improved in the province if DSPs and SHOs are posted with consultation of these honest senior police officials instead of on the recommendation of lawmakers and politicians. He was of the view that shortage of police strength also affects efforts for ensuring peace. He suggested that if the ministers avoid installing Pakistan flag at their official cars, strength of half of their police security guards could be reduced. Commenting on performance of Wapda, he described the utility as enemy of Sindh province. He alleged that under a conspiracy, Wapda is involved in power outages in order to pave the way for construction of Kalabagh Dam. He called upon the government to initiate Thar coal power project with immediate effect so that Wapdas conspiracy could be foiled. Tamachi blamed that it was Wapda and Oil lobby which forced Chinese firm to withdraw its plan regarding Thar coal power project. He accused that officials and other staff of Wapda and KESC are involved in electricity theft. He noted that agriculture sector in Sindh had been devastated as the influential persons put hindrance in supply of water to tail enders. He was of the opinion that in towns of interior Sindh, teachers and doctors are drawing salaries but do not attend the schools and hospitals, respectively. He added that due to lack of proper storage, huge quantity of wheat in interior Sindh is damaged. PPP MPA Humera Alwani said the Sindh Budget contains various social welfare programs. She said poor women would get improvement in their living standard when they will achieve soft loans through Benanzir Bhutto Income Support Program announced in the budget. She stressed the need to accommodate 75000 youths in government jobs and industries who have completed their technical training under Benazir Bhutto Youth Development Program. She was of the view that the police department lacked trained staff to combat terrorism. She stressed the need to upgrade rural health centers and dispensaries by giving them facilities of operation and emergency. She alleged that doctors posted at her native district hospitals do not visit the hospitals and only draw salaries. She criticised that millions of gallons of water is being released into Keenjhar lake while in Thatta district two million acres of land have been engulfed by sea and remaining have turned barren due to unavailability of water. She said the government should inform us when and where small dams would be constructed. MQM MPA, Muhammad Tahir Qureshi said although the budget is people-friendly but there is need to provide more facilities to the government hospitals. He said that Aga Khan Hospital charges Rs25,000 fees per 24 hours for providing facility of ventilator to a patient but these should be available at the government hospitals as poor people could not afford to pay such higher fees. He alleged that Lyari gangsters are damaging peace of adjoining areas of Lyari Town by kidnapping people for ransom, taking extortion and harassing locals. He stressed the need to maintain check and balance on the performance of the government department besides allocating more funds for education and health sectors. Another MQM MPA Syed Manzar Imam said although budget faces Rs16.34 billion deficits, however, allocation for education and health sectors were enhanced in this budget comparing to previous one. He demanded to check attendance of teachers at the government schools. He alleged that a particular mafia is promoting private schools culture. PML-Q MPA Nuzhat Pathan welcomed increase in allocation for health and education sectors in the Sindh Budget 2009-10. She expressed her satisfaction over law and order situation in Sindh describing it better than other provinces as no suicide blast was occurred in it so far. However, she regretted over rise in kidnapping for ransom incidents. She demanded to give free hand to honest police officials in this connection. PPP MPA Farheen Mughal described the budget women-friendly as funds were allocated to recruit a sufficient number of lady doctors at the government hospitals. She welcomed plan to establish Sindh Bank. She demanded to increase special quota for women lawmakers in the assemblies. Another PPP MPA Sharjil Memon said they welcome the Sindh Budget as no new tax was levied in it. He lamented that in this budget, Rs80 Crore were allocated for beach beautification program in Karachi while poor people of his district Tharparker are deprived of even clean drinking water. He demanded of the federal and provincial government to jointly announce a special package of Tharparker.