LAHORE - Though carrying a question mark on his present status, Leader of the Opposition in the Punjab Assembly Ch Zaheer-ud-Din here on Friday blasted the government for not actualising its pledges and promises made with the people of the province during the fiscal layout 2008-09. He was closely followed by Parliamentary Leader of his party Pakistan Muslim League (Functional) Makhdoom Ahmed Mahmood, who averred that the disparity between the backward, and the 'developed parts of the Punjab, could lead to more problems for the government. The Makhdoom also suggested discussing of the Saraiki province openly before it was too late. This is the first year during the PML-N government that the Opposition Leader opened the general discussion on the budget 2009-10, as last year, one of the parliamentary traditions was not met because no one was notified as the Opposition Leader till the announcement of the fiscal layout. Ch Zaheer warned the Treasury benches of bringing a privilege motion against the government for not fulfilling its promises made with the people last year. Why do you make pledges if you cannot actualise them? he questioned, while adding that the masses were befooled, and there was no example of this. It will be the first speech by an Opposition Leader, who would bring Privilege Motions to the House, he added. While raising a question about the coalition governments two aspects - N-League criticising the federal budget of the PPP government, while PPPs man presenting provincial budget - Zaheer was of the view that whatever was given to Finance Minister Tanveer Ashraf Kaira, he read it out. The Punjab Cabinet comprises under-19 team, he chided. About the governments failure in materialising its words, he said the government did not establish Price Control Board, while creating an assemblage of task forces, which miserably failed to deliver. Widows loans are yet to be written off and no houses have been constructed for the shelterless as Rs 1 billion was allocated, he said. While referring to loadshedding, and upgradation of schools, he quizzed, Whither the power generation plants, and latest computer labs in schools? A hefty grant of Rs 5 billion was allocated for provision of computer labs to 4574 schools, but none of these got this facility, and no air-conditioned bus service were made available for students, while Chief Ministers Secretariat (8-Club Road) was not converted into an Information Technology university for women as promised. The efficiency and commitment of the government could be judged well from the fact that it was going to cut the education budget by 23 percent, he maintained. Zaheer was critical of rice and wheat procurement, and maintained that the government did not purchase wheat beyond its stipulated target of six million tonnes leaving the growers in lurch, and no effective measures were taken to reduce the flour prices. The government also failed to achieve its revenue targets, which resulted in one percent reduction in the grant from the Federal Divisible Pool; thereby losing Rs 6 billion. Provided the government had met its revenue targets, Rs 181 billion would have been the development budget instead of Rs 175 billion, he observed. To him, allocation of Rs 7.5 billion for Sasti Roti Scheme - 'urban area specificity - was misplaced, when the government had Rs 6 billion for medicine. He also criticised the government for not earmarking any money for women and minorities. He rejected 15 percent raise in the salaries of public servants, as the inflation had reached 32 per cent. Ch Zaheer said the government had also failed in establishing the Truth Mission, which was announced last year. To him, a lot was needed to be done for improving law and order, as crime rate had increased by 30 per cent increase. Makhdoom Ahmed Mahmood, while averring that the budge was presented in difficult times when the situation was fluid in all the provinces, he was talking about the political issues more than the actual subject, and maintained that the budgets seemed to have brought no betterment. He was critical of the poor performance of education and health departments, as on one hand, out of 50 per cent enrolment, the 'educated ones were coming out of the educational institutions as 'ignorant. To him, mismanagement and bad governance were the malicious maladies marring the performance of the government. Then the Makhdoom launched a bitter diatribe against the government for ignoring district Rahim Yar Khan, and the adjoining areas. Bureaucrats and ministers are sitting in Lahore oblivious of what is happening there, he opined. I am not asking for alms, rather goal oriented projects. Dont give us money, but tangible development, he demanded, while pointing out disparities between developed and under-developed Punjab. Talibanisation is because of economic deprivation, and the day is not that far when these downtrodden areas will breed and home terrorists, he warned. I have given mild antibiotic. So far the issue of Saraiki province is being discussed behind doors. If it can bring better governance, then lets discuss it openly, he suggested, while asking all to act sagaciously before it was too late to mend the damage.