GUJRANWALA - Five minors of a family died of suffocation after being locked up in an automatic car which was parked inside the porch of their house at nearby village Chak Ala-ud-Din in the vicinity of police station Wahndo. Reportedly, whole family was taking an afternoon nap while children including Asim, 2-year-old, his brother Ashiq, 4-year-old, alongwith their cousins 6-year old Isha, 3-year old Mehtab and 2-year old Asif got themselves locked inside a car and resultantly died after an hour. The family remained sleeping inside the house and crying children could not be heard by anybody due to locked windows. The family got to know about the tragedy after being awakened just before evening and removed the children to hospital where doctor pronounced them dead. Police, after initial investigations termed the deaths as accidental and handed over the bodies to the family.