LAHORE - It is the responsibility of our rulers to benefit from the services and capabilities of well-wisher and benefactor of the nation, nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan. This was stated by the speakers at the launching ceremony of book 'Sehar Honay Tak at a local hotel here on Saturday. Compiled by Ali Masud, the book, a collection of AQ Khans 58 columns, starts with a column under caption 'Youm-e-Pakistan Par Qaum Kay Naam Paigham and ends with 'Mein Kin Logon Kay Saath Hoon. On the occasion, PML-Ns Javed Hashmi said that AQ Khan provided us a sense of security by making the country a nuclear power. He said that as the world was faced with major challenges like economic slump, the mighty powers had geared up for occupying the resources of other countries. He alleged that today the rulers were not performing their due role to steer clear the country of energy crisis and other problems. He asked the political forces to get rid of the clutches of the US, which wanted to destabilise Pakistan with Indian cooperation. He condemned those elements trying to intimidate and bar the independence of the nuclear scientist, saying, I always supported AQ Khan through my writings. We must give AQ Khan a very important 'place and status for his unflinching support and services to the nation and the country, Hashmi concluded. Veteran journalist Mujeebur Rehman Shami said that AQ Khan was the second important person after the Quaid because he had made the country invincible. But, he regretted, the benefactor of nation was not free at all as his mobility was being restricted despite the court orders. He pointed out that the sectors of agriculture and sciences & technology could be enhanced if the rulers benefit from AQ Khans capabilities. Ahmad Awais said that Dr AQ Khan was free from all the sanctions imposed on him by Musharraf, who in real sense was a traitor. Ameerul Azeem of Jamaat-e-Islami lauded Dr AQ Khans services to the nation and said that he was a patriot, an honest scientist and a sympathetic person.