ISLAMABAD - The administration of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) is shy of taking action against the Authoritys former officials including former chairmen, who are still enjoying the facilities like CDA pool residences, vehicles and staffers deputed at their houses. According to well-informed sources, two former chairmen of the Authority, Kamran Lashari and Tariq Mehmood are among other officials, who are still enjoying the benefits that the Authority had given to them during their tenures as CDA chairman. Former chairman Kamran Lashari, who is serving as the Secretary Petroleum nowadays, has left the Authority approximately two years ago, however, he is still occupying a CDA pool residence number 12A, street number 63, Sector F-6/1. Similarly, Lashris predecessor and former chairman Tariq Mehmood is enjoying the facility of five security guards, who are deputed at his residence for security purposes. It has been learnt that the CDA has been paying a hefty amount in the account of salaries to these guards. Tariq Mehmood, despite getting various attention notices in this regard from the Authority, also seemed reluctant to return two authoritys owned vehicles, which were given to him as CDA chairman. According to the sources, former member Admin CDA Shoukat Ali Mohmend, who has, once again, been sent to CDA at the same position but his appointment has been challenged by the incumbent Member Admin CDA Mustafain Kazmi, has also been occupying a CDA pool house number 20A, Street 63, Sector F-7/3 for the last two years. Similarly, former member estate Tahir Shamshad has also been occupying the CDA pool house number 18-A in Sector F-7/3. The officers, who are spending a retired life nowadays including former DG Admin Major (Retd) Hassan, former member estate Brig (retd) Asad Munir, former DG procurement Muhammad Zaman, former director law and Opinion Amin Khan are among the beneficiaries, who are still using the CDA vehicles. Former chief commissioner Islamabad Fazeel Asghar, though he was never posted in CDA, is also enjoying a CDA pool residence located in F-7/3. Various attempts were made to contact the Chairman of the Authority but he did not receive the call. However, another official of the authority confided TheNation that the Authority time-to-time sent the reminders and recall notices to all such officials, however, they even did not bother to respond the Authority in written.