ISLAMABAD - Indeed it is an important milestone in ones career when one is enrolled as an advocate of the Supreme Court of Pakistan. Henceforth you would be in position to share more responsibility then usual, as you have been appearing before the district courts and high courts for long period, said the Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry while addressing the participants of 14th Roll Signing Ceremony of newly enrolled advocates of the Supreme Court. The Ceremony was held here on Saturday in the Supreme Court Building, Islamabad in which 18 new advocates (14 from Balochistan, 2 from Islamabad, one from Sindh and Punjab each) were enrolled as advocates of the Supreme Court. I know all of you and recognise your ability and talent. You deserve for enrolment as advocate of the Supreme Court and I congratulate all of you on behalf of the Supreme Court and on my own behalf for becoming advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan. After getting the enrolment in Supreme Court, you would have to work hard elucidating the area of your jurisdiction to appear before the different benches regarding the interpretation of the Constitution, the Chief Justice said. Talking to the newly enrolled advocates, he said, The responsibility of judges and members of the bar is to interpret the Constitution. To decide cases is an onerous duty, which you have to discharge as member of the bar and we as bench in accordance with the Constitution. If a case is decided according to Constitution and law, bench and bar feel satisfied with the decision even if the case is decided against one of the member of the bar. Encouraging the lawyers, he said, By appearing in Supreme Court you are supposed to provide assistance to bench and you must come fully prepared and assist the bench to decide the cases in accordance with the Constitution. He specifically addressed the newly enrolled advocates of Supreme Court of Pakistan from Balochistan and said they have to share more responsibility to assist the court and ensure justice and fundamental rights of the people as provided by Constitution. Earlier, Dr Faqir Hussain, Registrar Supreme Court of Pakistan welcomed the newly enrolled advocates of Supreme Court. About 18 Advocates signed the roll in front of the Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. Each advocate introduced himself before him and the Chief Justice congratulated him or her on his or her enrolment as the advocates of Supreme Court of Pakistan. The Advocates who singed the roll are Khalid Waheed Khan, Muhammad Sharif, Malik Mumtaz Hussain Mehfooz, Mian Badar-e-Munir, Syed Akhtar Mehmood, Riaz Mansoor Shah, Muhammad Rauf Atta, Ghulam Mustafa Buzdar, Muhammad Riaz Akhtar Tareen, Muhammad Ashfaq, Moharram G Baloch, Syed Muhammad Tahir, Syed Nayyer Hussain Bokhari, Habibullah Jalib, Iram Mahmood, Mujtaba Haider, Naseer Ahmed Bangulzai and Baz Muhammad Kakar.