ISLAMABAD - The teaching and non-teaching staff of different schools and colleges would spend their summer vacation without salary this year too, as the Federal Directorate of Education does not pay them, as they work on daily-wage basis. With the start of the summer breaks, worries of more than 1000 teaching and non-teaching staff of 19 model colleges in the Federal Capital have also started, as they would spend the whole vacation till August 22, without salary. Terming it an inhuman policy of the Directorate, the teachers lamented that the Government would think about their miserable condition when they start committing suicides with their families. Despite the fact that they have been working for years and many of them have spent 10 to 17 years of their lives in these institutions yet their services have not been regularised by the Ministry of Education. The colleges working under the Federal Directorate of Education (FDE), Ministry of Education collect fee from the students in summer vacation still these teachers and administrative staff are not entitled to any salary. Ironically, in spite of possessing high qualifications and rendering years of services to the satisfaction of the institutions, their salaries range from Rs 5,000 to Rs 8,000 monthly with no other facilities and allowances. The lecturers were appointed in B-17 on daily wage basis in different model educational institutions of Islamabad. Even the Ministry has set aside the courts orders, which has directed it categorically to consider the qualified teachers for regularisation working on the basis of ad hoc, daily wages or on contract. The Punjab Government in compliance of the court orders regularised one and a halflac teachers of the province but the Federal Government is not ready to regularise hundreds of teachers of the Capital city. Even the National Assemblys Standing Committee on Education seems to be helpless on this issue. The representatives of the daily-wagers met Abid Sher Ali, Chairman of the Committee but he asked them to meet Secretary Education and did not do anything for them. The officials of the FDE are of the view that its Governments policy and they could not change it. But the teachers argue that if they require teachers to be recruited on daily wage basis it cannot be possible without legal and constitutional support and if such legal support exists it must bound the employer to offer a service structure for the daily wage employees. Without any criteria or rule and regulations in the Government institutions, no appointment of the teaching and non-teaching staff can be made on daily wages. They have hired people on their own terms and conditions so that they cannot be entitled to any perks and privileges.