LAHORE Though Members of the Punjab Assembly were supposed to discuss the fiscal outlay 2010-11 on Saturday as part of the general discussion on budget, the demand for more provinces, especially of the Southern Punjab, topped the priority list of quite a few MPAs, who maintained that it was primarily because of the development disparity existing among different parts of the province that people were demanding division of the Punjab. However, opponents of the idea averred that new provinces would not improve administration, and the idea of formation of new provinces was fraught with risks for Pakistan. PML-N MPA Muhammad Afzal Rana opined that rather than improving the provincial administration, it would cause more problems for the country. To prove his point, he made a comparison with the USA and Europe Union getting strengthened through addition of more states. Unity is strength and we must stick to it, he repeated school-days lesson, adding that Utility Stores should be renamed as Basic Food Stores, and prices of pulses, ghee and wheat flour should be fixed PPPs Ather Haider Gorchani, to make his assertion for Southern Punjab province more explicit, perhaps deliberately called the Chief Minister Punjab as CM Lahore corrected when Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal Khan pointed it out observed that there were white lies in the budget since wrong calculations had been made. He also observed that corruption was rampant, and report of the Transparency International was based on peoples perception. To him, the Danish School System was a flop idea since no running expenses had been outlined. About Sasti Roti Scheme, he pointed disparity out since less number of tandoors were installed in backward Rajanpur in comparison to Lahore. Seeing this, why should we not demand separate province? he questioned, while vowing to keep on demanding province on administrative grounds. Stop calling us traitors; otherwise we will be on roads he warned. Now this voice for separate province is gaining volume as members from other parties but of the same region are repeatedly demanding this. Malik Ahmed Khan Baloch, Syed Hassan Murtaza and Samina Khawar Hayyat also supported the cause. To Murtaza, problem was because of the unequal distribution of resources among the districts. Oppositions Muhammad Mohsin Khan Leghari well-prepared but declined more time to continue talking about budget only criticised the government for making calculation blunders, and clearly rejected the claims of allocating 36 percent development budget for 31 percent population of southern Punjab. Rs 52Billion out of total Rs 193bn is 26.9 percent, not 36, he pointed out, while mentioning that a long list of unactualised promises from the last two budgets, and he put a big question mark on the credibility of the government. He was of the view that block allocations had been made while specific allocations for various schemes were not made in the development budget. To him, it was an autocratic manner of governance being carried out by the coalition. Minority MPA Tahir Khalil Sindhu launched bitter diatribe against Opposition Leader Ch Zaheer-ud-Din, and observed that only people with clean track-record could issue white papers. Malik Muhammad Ahmed demanded the government to change the Police Order-2002 introduced by dictator Pervez Musharraf, as it had created numerous hindrances in speedy access to justice. He also called for reviving the Green Tractor Scheme in the best interest of small farmers. The agriculture sector is of great importance in the countrys economic uplift, but unfortunately all kinds of relief and subsidies on fertiliser, seed, new technology and pesticide have been withdrawn, which are obstructing the development of the vital sector, he said.