LONDON (AFP) McLaren boss Martin Whitmarsh believes that his teams desire and determination could be the key to winning a ninth world championship. Following back-to-back one-two victories in Turkey and Canada, McLaren now lead the constructors championship by 22 points from rivals Red Bull with Ferrari a further 32 points adrift. The Woking-based outfit are expected to be on top again at the Valencia street circuit next weekend, and with some major upgrades scheduled ahead of the British Grand Prix in July, Whitmarsh believes they will no longer have to worry about the aerodynamic advantage of the Red Bulls. I think weve shown in the past two races that we lack nothing in terms of hunger and motivation, said Whitmarsh. With our car being constantly developed, I believe we can continue to be a threat at the majority of remaining races on the calendar. Of course, were no strangers to relentless development its one of the teams greatest strengths and were absolutely committed to maximising every last component in the search for performance. Nothing is too small to be overlooked, and its that holistic approach that really brings rewards, allowing us to eke out performance in every single area of the car. Its also an approach were increasingly focusing on with the team, too: were looking at pit stops, engineering, strategy and were seeing practical and material benefits in those areas, too. McLaren driver and championship leader Lewis Hamilton thinks that this years title race has been the most exciting in years, but that in order to gain points, it is perhaps more important to drive reliably and consistently than it is to win. Our sport is so incredibly competitive at the moment, said Britains Hamilton, the 2008 world champion. Were seeing different teams come to the forefront all the time. This championship is going to be as much about playing the long game minimising mistakes, scoring points at every race as it is about success at individual races. The 25-year-old added that the race for the title is far from over and said he must stay more alert and focused than ever before if he is to maintain his lead in the drivers championship. Its great to be leading the world championship, he said, but, I have to be honest, Formula One is so tough and so competitive at the moment that you cant take anything for granted. While I might be on top right now, I know that Ill need to fight for every lap of the next 11 races to remain up there. I think Im like the fifth leader of the championship so far this year, so its pretty clear that its not so easy staying on top. His McLaren team-mate and defending drivers champion Jenson Button said he is delighted with his decision to join McLaren, and is thrilled to be competitive in one of the most exciting championships in recent years. I always said that I was looking for a new challenge and thats exactly what Ive got, said Button. Its exciting to be working and racing alongside Lewis, and its a real buzz to be the world champion and to be fighting for the championship again. Being in the thick of it is exactly what being a racing driver is all about. This is an incredible season and we should all really enjoy it. And that really struck me after the race on Sunday. In the press conference, you had three world champions on the podium. When was the last time that happened? It makes you realise what an incredible field we have this year.