In occupied Kashmir, veteran Kashmiri Hurriyet leader, Syed Ali Gilani, has said that the unparallel sacrifices rendered by the people of Kashmir for the freedom struggle will not be allowed to go waste. According to Kashmir Media Service, Syed Ali Gilani, addressing a public gathering at Poshnag Kreeri in Baramulla, asked the Kashmiris to remain aware of the conspiracies hatched by the occupation authorities to divide them on sectarian basis. Referring to the Panchayat elections to be held in the occupied territory in October, the veteran Hurriyet leader said, "India is trying to hoodwink the world community through conducting so-called elections in Jammu and Kashmir." Meanwhile, the spokesman of the forum patronized by Syed Ali Gilani, in a statement issued in Srinagar expressed concern over the deteriorating health of its illegally detained leader, Abdul Aziz Dar alias General Musa, demanding his immediate release.