ISLAMABAD - Brisk efforts are afoot to secure a political office for former president General (Retd) Pervez Musharraf after meeting blow in registration of his All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) as new party from Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). Well-placed political sources informed TheNation on Saturday that the former military dictator had stepped up efforts seeking to secure important political office after his failure to get his APML registered. Despite the fact that former caretaker minister Barrister Saif had applied for the registration of APML as its Chief Coordinator, but failed to meet timeline the former military ruler had wanted to launch the party. The sources informed that Saif who was one of the key cronies of the former dictator had to face embarrassment in missing the timeline set out by his political boss who himself currently staying abroad under self-imposed restrictions ever since he had left Pakistan. However, sources were of the view that Barrister Saif had a little role in missing that timeline, and actually it had happened by the virtue of the cruel circumstances and he was left with no option but to apologise his boss. According to the sources, Barrister Saif fell victim of the laid down procedure of the ECP for registration of a new political party, adding the matter was still under consideration of the ECP for largely two reasons. Firstly, sources informed that there were three identical applications seeking registration of new party APML under the same title, and one of the three applications has been interestingly filed by people belonging to Musharraf Lovers - a group of people who had allegedly benefited from the former ruler. The matter has yet to be decided by the ECP as which one of the three applicants is to be given the demanded title for the APML, a source revealed, adding the issue if not decided might linger on for an indefinite period. Secondly, some of sources were affirmed in the views that the issue cannot be decided until and unless the ECP was reconstituted and reconvened to take up the matter for further consideration. This, sources informed, is the main stumbling block as the Government has yet to decide the fate of existing members of the ECP in the light of 18th Constitutional Amendment which calls for appointment of ECP members as retired judges of the High Court. The ECP has already taken up this matter with the Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs to decide about the fate of the incumbent members of the Election Commission. It is pending with the Ministry which may take longer because of the nature of the matter, a senior government official told TheNation. The sources were, therefore, of the view that registration of APML, irrespective of who finally gets the desired political title in the future, is yet to be to be decided. Meanwhile, despite frequent efforts Barrister Saif was not contacted as he did not attend his phone. It is further learnt that the former military ruler has tasked his wife Begum Sehba Musharraf to unite all his political friends and well-wishers in Lahore soon so that he could address them telephonically and announce his future political course.