ISLAMABAD US Special Representative for Pakistan and Afghanistan Richard Holbrooke, Saturday, said his country had no objection to the Pak-Iran gas pipeline adding, Pakistan is facing energy crisis and there is no US pressure on Pakistan regarding the gas pipeline project as it is Pakistans internal matter. Addressing a joint news conference with Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi following the bilateral talks, Richard Holbrooke said US would help its much trusted ally overcome multiple crises it has been faced with including energy, education, health, war against terror, water and other important sectors. To a question, he said they discussed whole range of issues and challenges being faced by Pakistan. The meeting was follow-up of the last round of Pak-US strategic dialogue held in March in Washington. Holbrook spent a busy day on Saturday holding meetings with politicians and officials. He also held separate meetings with Mian Nawaz Sharif and Shah Mahmood Qureshi. Replying to another query, Holbrook said, We revitalised the strategic dialogue and reviewed the progress so far made in the sectoral meetings necessary to expand bilateral cooperation in various sectors. Holbrook strongly denied the impression that there was 'trust deficit between the US and Pakistan. We have not said anything like that of trust deficit, rather we have talked about cooperation, Holbrook said. He said the meeting also discussed and reviewed the assessment of progress on war against terror. Talking about US cooperation in energy sector, Richard Holbrooke said, energy was on top of the agenda of the discussions between the two countries along with water resources issue. We are making sincere efforts to help Pakistan as we can. Regarding US investment in Pakistan, Holbrooke said, Investment Cooperation of America is looking forward to helping Pakistan through investment in different fields. About discovery of minerals in Afghanistan, he said, it was not recent discovery and people knew it since 1970. He said due to long tragic period under Soviet occupation and recent war, and because of security issues, Afghanistan was not getting investment on this vital sector. He said it would be a good thing that there were investors interested to invest in this sector for the benefit of people of Afghanistan. When asked to comment on US policy towards India, Pakistan and Afghanistan, Richard Holbrooke said, Our policy towards Pakistan is independent, on trilateral and multilateral levels. He also admitted that there was a deadlock over visa issue between the US and Pakistan, however, he said that both sides were sorting out the problem. Replying to a query about fixing responsibility for not arresting Osama Bin Laden and other Al-Qaeda leaders, Holbrook told media men that they were hiding somewhere along the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. He said many of their associates had been apprehended. He said he did not hold anyone accountable for not arresting the al-Qaeda leaders, however, adding that this network has been severely broken. Holbrooke also announced to increase military as well as civil assistance to Pakistan. He said on market access, discussion was going on and work is going on regarding Reconstruction Opportunity Zones. He especially mentioned the possibility of opening up market for Pakistani mangoes to America and said these mangoes were of very high quality and taste. Speaking to the media Shah Mahmood Qureshi said both the US and Pakistan would carry on efforts to further strengthen the relation between the friends. We have tried to learn from the lessons of the past and tried to overcome the deficiencies and lack of follow up of dialogue in the past. Qureshi said the present sectoral meetings between Pakistan and the US on different sectors in this new arrangement had constituted steering committee and adopted proper follow up mechanism. He optimistically said that the ministerial meetings remained very successful and the dialogue had broadened the areas of interaction. We are not focusing on five years of cooperation under Kerry Lugar Bill assistance, but we are looking beyond these five years period, Qureshi said adding that both the US and Pakistan had good round of meetings in the seven sectoral meetings held so far. Agencies add: Holbrooke praised Pakistans sacrifices in the fight against militants on its soil and said he hoped more would be achieved. In regard to the war itself, Pakistan has made progress, but it doesnt mean that weve reached the end of the road. This is a tough, long struggle and much more needs to be done, he said. US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will visit Pakistan in July, her counterpart in Islamabad said. In July Im expecting Secretary Clinton to visit Islamabad for a second session of the strategic dialogue, Qureshi told the joint news conference. Holbrooke added: People all over the world should be more aware of the sacrifices Pakistani people and the army have made in pushing back militants in Swat, South Waziristan and other north-western regions.