KARACHI - Pakistan needs United States support for mega infrastructure projects that could stimulate the growth process in the country instead of assistance on numerous small projects which it might not be able to monitor in a transparent manner. These views were expressed by Chairman Nishat Group, Mian Mohammad Mansha during a discussion with a United States delegation led by President Barack Obamas Senior Economic Advisor, David Lipton, said a press release issued here on Saturday. The meeting was in relation to President Obamas doctrine to identify measures that could deepen the ties between business leaders, foundations and social entrepreneurs in the United States and Muslim communities around the world. During their meeting, they discussed various matters including economy, job creation, investment, reforms in financial sector, market access to USA, ongoing power crises in Pakistan including circular debt, implementation of VAT and various business opportunities in Pakistan. Mian Mansha suggested that the best way to help Pakistan is to provide access to the U.S. market for Pakistani textile products. He also suggested that the US should take up a major hydel power project as it will help boost investment and create employment opportunities. He invited the delegation to join hands in its plans to serve education sector by establishing a state of the art university in Pakistan and a University Fund. The U.S. delegation apprised Mian Mansha about President Obamas plan to award contracts through its multi-million-dollar Global Technology and Innovation Fund, designed to spur investments in the Muslim world. David Lipton assured the Chairman of Nishat Group that his suggestion would be given due consideration. David Lipton was assisted in talks by Consul General, U.S. Consul General, Carmela Conroy, Senior Economic Advisor, Department of State, Mary Beth Goodman, International Economist, Department of Treasury, Elizabeth Shortino, Pakistan Desk Officer, Department of State, USA Breth Eggleston and Economic Officer, US Consulate General, Jessica Berlow while Mian Mansha was assisted by President MCB Bank M.U.A. Usmani and Umer Mansha.