SIALKOT - Sialkot Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) has lauded the role being played by the embassy of Pakistan at Berlin Germany to highlight and promote hand stitched soccer balls of Sialkot. SCCI press release stated that Shahid Kamal, Ambassador of Pakistan in Berlin-Germany, was taking personal interest in promotion of Sialkot-made balls by writing article in the German magazine that Sialkot export hub of Pakistan is known for producing international quality products, which are supplied all around the world. The soccer industry achieved the international celebrity status when its hand stitched balls named Tango was used in the FIFA World Cup 1982. The Ambassador has mentioned soccer industry of Sialkot as manufacturing giant to produce for top brands like Adidas, Puma, Nike, Dita, Mikasa and Slazenger. SCCI said that Shahid Kamal is a true Pakistani having the passion and the urge to uphold supreme interest of the country by promoting its speciality. The embassy displayed a Giant Hand Stitched Football measuring 3 1/2 ft in height and 330 cm in circumference at the busy Trade and Tourist Centre, Berlin. The event helped to promote hand stitched balls of Sialkot, better image of Pakistan and bring close the people of two countries. The Ambassador of Pakistan in Berlin has been active to improve countrys image, the exercise that is quintessential in the present circumstances. SCCI was of the view that our representatives in other countries should follow the lead and focus their activities towards promoting Pakistan made products to play an active role in enhancing exports of the country and building its image as a peaceful country offering immense business and trade opportunities. Meanwhile, SCCI President Muhammad Ishaq Butt appreciated the cooperation of soccer ball manufacturers of Sialkot who have extended help and cooperated to the Pakistan embassy in Berlin. These balls would be supplied to top store chains for exhibition with the objective to make desired impact in conjunction with the FIFA World Cup 2010.