LAHORE - Chinese-origin American, Cathy Chen has asked the US to review its policies regarding war on terror, as this war could not be won through bullet. Islam is a peace loving religion and tagging it with terrorism is a highly dangerous idea, she said in a chat during her visit to The Nation/Nawa-i-Waqt office here on Saturday. Cathy Chen who is on a visit to Pakistan these days also called on Chairman Nawa-i-Waqt Group Majid Nizami during her visit besides inspecting various sections of the office along with her class fellow, Momna Cheema. Cathy, a graduate from Duke University, USA, said Islam is a religion, which preaches love and peace as such linking it with terrorism is quite unfair and a wrong idea. She said even Americans today have begun to take Islam as peaceful and peace loving religion. She was of the firm belief that America cannot win war on terror through bullet and bombing therefore it needs to change its policies in this regard. Expressing her sentiments about the visit, she said she was feeling quite at home in Pakistan. She praised Lahori foods and the comm-ended the Lahorites as most loving and hospitable. Replying to a question, she said use of military can never produce a lasting peace therefore the window of dialogue in the interest of peace must be kept open. She said no one can start dialogue process with bullet and grenades and in order to sort out the issues and problems we need to address their root causes. She spoke about the use of army by America against the Muslims and also by China to curb them in its territory, which, she said, was antithetical to dialogue for the sake of a durable peace. She praised Islam terming it a religion wherein spell-bounding effect of Sufism existed. She said in Americans opinion is fast growing against the American government policy of using military power to seek solution to every problem. When asked if she intended to unite the American youth against the policy of using power for solving the problems, she said she was not a Pakistani and also followed a different religion therefore, she thinks she can perform better in this way. However, she said, America has carried a questionable legislation on terrorism which may perhaps not allow Muslim students to lay bare their mind so frankly. However she said since she belongs to another religion, so it would be easier for her to talk to them. To a question on Dalai Lama, she said he is a politician of the modern days but lacks required wisdom hence he wants to exploit Tibetans for the sake of coming into power. She said Dalai Lama is doing politics in his own interest of coming into power on the same line America, India and other Western countries are doing. To a question, she opined that China should also have democracy instead of revolving power in the hands of a class of people. However, she said, she was pleased with the progress China has made today so much so that big cities in China are reflecting modernity of America. She said like others, she was also nationalist however she added, we have to be objective and open in our views.