LAHORE - The terrorism and sabotage activities by miscreants have caused Rs 216 million financial loss to Pepco in Balochistan alone during 298 incidents of destroying transmission lines and grid stations there in a bid to destabilise the country, sources in Pepco told The Nation. Official sources revealed one of the subsidiaries of Pepco namely National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC), which is responsible to look after transmission lines, pylons and grid stations, is facing hard time these days due to sabotage activities in the country. The transmission lines, pylons and towers are easy target for terrorists because it is quite difficult to guard miles-long transmission lines and towers especially in hilly areas. The miscreants know causing loss to NTDC was a direct loss of the federal government as rehabilitation or repair work on the KV towers costs millions of rupees to the national exchequer, a Pepco official said asking not to be named. The sources revealed in the last two years the QESCO and NTDC have suffered colossal losses due to the destruction of transmission lines (T-Lines) in various parts of Balochistan. They said during the sabotage activities about 106 attacks were made on 220KV towers of NTDC, 131 attacks on 132 KV towers, and 33 attacks on 33 KV poles and pylons in the limits of QESCO causing huge loss to the power supply system. The capital loss sustained by NTDC is Rs 106m, whereas the QESCO suffered Rs 110.3m, thus Pepco suffered a loss of Rs 216.03m at the hand of miscreants. This incident alone caused massive loadshedding in most parts of Balochistan as it deprived QESCO of 200MW which was being provided to it by Pepco through the T-Line. The sabotage activities are still main cause of loadshedding in Balochistan. Besides urban population, the agri sector tubewells are also deprived of supply of electricity in the wake of such incidents of targeting grids and transmission lines. at reduced rates but when transmission lines are destroyed by terrorists the electricity supply fails to the tubewells and the urban population. Officials revealed over 3511 illegal tubwells were also working in Balochistan which use unauthorised motors of 40 Horse Power (HP) and do not pay bills which also causes loss to Pepco. The teams of NTDC spend days and night in repairing the damaged transmission lines and grid stations after each of the sabotage activities, incurring heavy costs. The work of restoration of damaged towers and pylons is completed with huge funds. Pepco is spending Rs 57,041 million on upgradation and construction of grid stations and Transmission Lines (TL) across the country with funding of Asian Development Bank and World Bank to revamp its electricity supply system while the miscreants are targeting the infrastructure, an official said. Pepco spokesman told The Nation that Pepco was facing colossal loss at the hands of terrorists especially in Balochistan and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa in terms of frequent targeting of transmission lines and pylons of Pepco in the restive parts of the country. ? Except repair work nothing can be done as the sabotage activities are part of the war on terror.